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Severance Law is your San Diego business and real estate transactions and litigation firm. Dominick Severance, Esq. founded and leads the firm, helping clients with valuations both big and small. Severance Law will help you form, grow, and sell your company and real estate portfolio and – should litigation be necessary – represent you in that arena as well. Clients report that they find peace in the process in their representation by Severance Law. Severance Law is ready and excited to help you as well!

Watch this video to learn more about who we are and how you, too, can find peace in the process.

Primary Practice Areas

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Business, Church, Branding, and Non-Profit Law

Real Estate and Land Use Law

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+ In Real Estate Transactions

+ Cases and Disputes Resolved Favorably for Clients

+ Non-Profit, LLC, and Corporation Formations

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We primarily work with small and mid-sized businesses, churches, non-profits, and property owners located in the greater San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County areas.


I am certain I will work with him for a lifetime and can not recommend him highly enough

Dr. Bradley – CEO @ California LASIK & Eye | MD PhD – Refractive Surgeon

“When I first met Dominick Severance he told me “your job as a doctor is to do no harm and my job as a lawyer is to never lie.” I chuckled to myself as this was so different than what I have come to expect from lawyers. I had found most lawyers felt their job was to constructively bend the truth in the clients favor. This is not Dom. His ethics and his compassion run deep. He is also one of the smartest people I have met. This combination of compassion, honesty and intelligence (read photographic memory) makes him a fundamentally different lawyer than any I have ever met. I consider myself lucky to have met Dom and honored to have him representing me and my company. I am certain I will work with him for a lifetime and can not recommend him highly enough if you are looking for someone to fight on the side of good.”

*Disclaimer: Severance Law cannot guarantee the same or similar results.

Insurance Denied My Claims Until I Met Dominick Severance

Michael, Client of Severance Law

Without Severance Law, I don’t know what I’d do. In January 2023 I contracted sepsis through a burn on the tip of my left thumb. After 4 days my hand blew up and I passed out having to be rushed to urgent care and then the emergency room by a friend. After 15 days in the hospital, 2 surgeries and $280,000 in medical bills, I found myself without work (can you imagine the bank I worked for actually expected me to produce loans), and bed-ridden with mounting bills and no income.

I had been paying for an accidental health insurance policy which would assist with medical bills in the event of an accident, and when I went to file the claim, it got denied because it didn’t meet the definition of “an accident”. After finding the definition on the insurance company’s website and showing them the medical notes from my attending physician who described it also word for word like the definition, the insurance company sent me another letter denying my claim because it wasn’t filed within 3 days of my accident. I knew they they were unscrupulous and trying to avoid paying me.

A friend from church recommended I call Dominick Severance, who promptly got back to me and we had a brief call. Within an hour of giving him the details, he gave the exact wording I should use in my reply to my insurance company, and BOOM, within 3 days they replied saying they would pay my claim, and within a week, the check was in my hands, allowing me to catch up my bills, and have a little breathing room.

Without Dominick’s experience, guideance and actions, I might still not have that money. I couldn’t more highly recommend a person, both personally and professionally than Dominick and Severance Law. If you need a savvy, customer oriented law advocate and professional, don’t wait – call Severance Law!

*Disclaimer: Severance Law cannot guarantee the same or similar results.

"Severance Law saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars"

Tai – Owner/CEO L.A. Productions

Dominick Severance and Severance Law saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation expenses and claims. We were being backed into a corner from a former client who filed a lawsuit against our business; the complaint was filled with false and misleading claims and accusations. Within the the first 30 minutes of our initial consultation, Dominick understood exactly what was going on and had a very peaceful and soothing way of putting our minds at ease; we had been stressed out about the situation for months! We really did find peace in the process even against all odds. Dominick then looked at all the evidence, did what great attorneys do, and had our case dismissed within weeks. We highly recommend Severance Law to all our friends and family and we will forever be grateful for Dominick Severance!

*Disclaimer: Severance Law cannot guarantee the same or similar results.

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San Diego Transaction and litigation lawyer in Carlsbad CA

About Dominick Severance

I am a San Diego litigation and transactional attorney who has represented clients, both big and small, in complex corporate, mergers and acquisitions, construction, bankruptcy, land use, real estate, employment, health care, and intellectual property deals and actions.

Personally, I am a dependable, flexible, honest, and diligent team player who loves and is committed to his friends, family, and community here in the San Diego and surrounding Southern California regions.