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At Severance Law, we are your trusted partner for all your business, real estate, transactions, and litigation needs. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of the law and facts, honest communication, and a commitment to excellence. Let’s work together to achieve your goals. Get in touch with us today.

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Top 3 Reasons People Choose Severance Law


At Severance Law, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled legal services and representation to our clients. We strive to surpass expectations and achieve greatness in every case we handle, no matter how big or small.


At Severance Law, we prioritize honesty and accuracy in our work as we recognize the significant impact our legal advice can have on our clients. To that end, we provide all our clients with detailed budgets and strategy letters outlining in plain english the relevant facts and applicable law. And for our transactional matters we thoroughly review and explain in detail why each provision is important and how it may impact your business and goals. In the end, each client has a comprehensive analysis of their rights and liabilities and a strategy for how to proceed. This level of detail and upfront transparency helps our clients feel at ease with what can often be a very financially and/or emotionally difficult process.


At Severance Law, we take pride in always upholding the highest standards of integrity, zealously advocating for our clients based on a firm understanding of the law and facts. We strive to remain true to our core values and ensure that our legal services adhere to the highest ethical guidelines. We believe that having a strong foundation of integrity is crucial for providing sound legal advice and quality representation to our clients.

Our Philosophy


The Facts and the Law Come First

At Severance Law, our commitment is to protect and pursue our clients’ legitimate interests within the boundaries of the facts and law. To that end, we aim to maintain a professional, courteous, honest, and civil attitude towards all individuals involved in the legal system.


Honest Communication

At Severance Law, we understand that the truth can be a powerful force. We strive to ensure that this power is used properly so that justice is served and our clients receive an equitable outcome. We are committed to providing zealous representation with integrity, respect, honesty, and professionalism.


Committed to Excellence

At Severance Law, we believe that excellence is a core principle – we either do it right or we don’t do it at all. We provide our clients with the highest quality of legal representation, with an unwavering attention to detail, dedication to our clients’ needs, and commitment to justice. We understand that every case has unique factors that require an individualized approach; therefore, we make sure to tailor the strategy for each matter to achieve the greatest level of success.

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