Dominick Severance, Esq.

Owner and Founder of Severance Law | Carlsbad, CA


Dominick is a San Diego litigation and transactional attorney who has represented clients, both big and small, in complex corporate, mergers and acquisitions, construction, bankruptcy, land use, real estate, employment, health care, and intellectual property deals and actions.

With opposing counsel, Dominick is even tempered, thorough, diligent, honest, and firm. He leads with the law and facts, confident in advocating for his clients. He zealously advocates for his clients based on a thorough understanding of the law and facts and based on a strategy developed with his clients and tailored to their goals and needs.

With his clients, Dominick has a very kind and pedagogical/teacher spirit. He will take the time to train and educate his clients as to deals, strategy, negotiations, and contracts. In the end, Dominick wants all his clients to be like “little attorneys” who can read the law and contracts and negotiate well. Clients have reported that Dominick’s representation has often helped them find their confidence and assertiveness again. 

Dominick always wants his clients to be confident in the work product and not afraid of him or the legal bills. To that end, Dominick provides his clients budgets up front and is never afraid to discuss billing with them, which many say is unusual for an attorney. 

Finally, Dominick is a dependable, flexible, honest, and a diligent team player who loves and is committed to his friends, family, and community here in the San Diego and surrounding Southern California regions.


+ Cases and disputes Resolved Favorably for Clients

Million in Real Estate Transactions

+ Non-Profit, LLC, and Corporation Formations


Going through a legal matter can be challenging, especially when it impacts your daily life. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and fearful about the future.

However, I am here to help you “find peace in the process” and to ensure your legal rights are safeguarded.

– Dominick Severance